KQB already has a discord, why do we need another one?

The official KQB Discord is wonderful, but the work by our unbelievable community volunteers is sometimes limited by compliance requirements. Beegame.gg gives these amazing people unrestricted bandwidth to dramatically improve our community experience. We want to welcome the efforts of all the hardworking people who have made our KQB time together so excellent.  

Is LiquidBit okay with this?


Do I have to leave the KQB server if I join?

Nope! Lots of people are in both servers.

How will we talk with the devs or submit bugs?

The same way we always have. The feedback sections of LiquidBit’s KQB Discord are still available.

How can I be involved/help?

Glad you asked! The discord needs community members to help with upkeep and organization (mods, help, etc).  

What about all of our events in the KQB Discord?

We are planning to have multiple weekly events, and many of the organizers you know and love will still host them! Beegame.gg will have even more features to make events an integral part of the discord. Check out the calendar to see what is coming up! Let us know if you have an idea for an event you'd like to host and we'll post it. 

Why is it called Bee Game?

“Bee game” is an endearing term for Killer Queen Black (and Killer Queen Arcade). Since we are not affiliated with LiquidBit, we didn’t want to confuse it with the official discord. Also it’s cute.

Who is behind this?

(Alphabetically) Alteffor, Bee'sKnees, Chasells, Dadcore, Egeefree, hattrickswayze, Jame, Joe Sklo, KG, lightsabermetrics, Prosive, Vi....and you! This is an organization for the community, by the community - please reach out if you want to get involved!

Special thanks to Grass for her sweet construction worker bee art!

Do I need to pay anything? Are there any entry fees?

Beegame.gg is not looking to earn a profit - it's entirely a labor of love. There will be no cost to play in Bee Game League, and you will not need to pay to access team/player stats.

There may eventually be smaller tournaments/events on Bee Game Discord with a prize pool entry fee, but nothing is currently planned, and any fees collected would be distributed as prizes to winners.

Feel free to show your support by boosting our Discord server, contributing tournament prizes, or donating during charity events.

What’s a play session?

What if you wanted to Pop Ranked at, say, 9pm tonight? Or Quick Play at noon on Monday? And see who else would plan to join you? Bee Game Discord will have a #play-sessions channel with Sesh, a bot that allows everyone to create events and RSVP with react emojis.