Check out the Calendar to find events that are currently on the schedule!

Weekend Events

Regular event that happens most Sunday afternoons on KQB Discord. A variety of formats that are friendly for new players and veterans alike. Events usually run 2-3 hours. Sign-up sheets are posted on KQB Discord in #community-events on Sunday mornings.   

Monday BYOT Events

Regular event on KQB Discord - Bring Your Own Team (BYOT) or sign up as a free agent and get drafted to a team. Event usually runs 2 hours. Sign-up sheets are posted on KQB Discord in #community-events on Monday afternoons.

Lunchtime Quick Play

Near daily lunch date to meet up in Quick Play voice channels on Bee Game Discord. Take a break from work and play KQB at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT! This is meant to be a fun casual hangout. RSVP in #play-sessions on Bee Game Discord or just show up!

Competition Live Streams

Watch intense competitive play with the commentary from talented community casters. Check out the calendar to see team rosters and twitch channels. Join Bee Game League to play in these hype matches!

New Bee Night

Every so often, Arguas runs a New Bee Night for new players. New Bee Nights are:

  • A mixer! New players will group together with an established member of the community with expertise to share (e.g., coaches).

  • A non-hyper-competitive place to learn! Teams of new players will compete against teams of new players while they learn, and then split up and reform with potentially new coaches.

  • An opportunity to get prizes! We give away some KQB stuff during the event in raffles.

Femme / Non-Binary Night

Occasional mixer event for those who identify as female or non-binary. Play with fun custom rules and frequent player shuffles. Watch the calendar for sign-ups and tell your Femme/NB friends!

Special Events

Keep an eye out for special tournaments, exhibition matches, charity streams and other fun events!

Berry Competitions